What is the experience like?

Here are some words offered by my previous clients

Choosing a coach can be difficult, whether you have experience of coaching or not. To help you with this process some of my clients have kindly offered some words to describe how they found the experience of working with me as their coach (see below).

I hope you find this helpful. I am here to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to Contact Me at your convenience.

Mark, Florida, USA

Peter did an excellent job helping me clarify my goals. Peter would patiently allow me to talk about my issues and then would ask probing questions to help understand what my needs were. I did not exactly know what my needs were in my first session with Peter. But he helped me gain a direction and helped me pursue answers to those needs by asking questions that led me to my own answers. Peter brings a relaxed environment to the table each time we talk. The tone he uses is calming and allows me to bring up any subject without being judged.

Carolina, Porto, Portugal

I highly recommend Peter as a career coach. In our work together, focusing on the start-up of my own company, he has provided excellent guidance. With his on-point observations and well-formulated open questioning, Peter managed to help me get clarity and put focus on those actions that would get me ahead. He has proven himself to be trustworthy, ever-encouraging, patient, and an insightful guide in pursuit of successful growth, change and resilience.

Siobhan, Midhurst, UK

Peter is great to work with. He's affable, a great listener and able to see what's going on to choose appropriate questions. I never felt uncomfortable working with him and being at ease I think is crucial. Peter has prompted me each session with questions to help me move past blockages in my thinking. Having the sessions has given me accountability for doing the actions I have decided to do on discussion with Peter. The third way it has benefitted me is in having another person to voice my issues with as the action of verbalising what's bothering me with another makes me feel less alone and fearful of my decisions.

Executive Coaching

Realise your potential

  • Develop structured thought
  • Manage conflicting priorities
  • Increase motivation
  • Improve staff retention

What can you expect?

Professional coaching

  • A friendly, experinced professional coach
  • Clarity around goals and planning to achieve them
  • Help finding order in complex, fast moving environments
  • Help finding answers to your challenges

My Values

Trust, Integrity, Quality and Professionalism are my watch words. I believe that an effective coaching relationship can help transform your career and your business.

I provide the best possible service to my clients by bringing a wealth of experience and cross-industry expertise to the table which can help to bring perspective.

Value for money is vital to demonstrate for all business expenditure and I can say, with confidence, that an investment in coaching can provide a very high return on investmnet as the benefits live with those individuals and organisations involved for many years after the coaching ends and are often shared with colleagues either directly or indirectly time and time again.

I understand the importance of confidentiality at an individual and at an organisational level and have adopted a Code of Ethics, consistent with industry best practice, to help ensure I maintain the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality.

However you wish to engage with me I will be happy to tailor my services to your needs. I take a flexible approach, so if your needs change over time I will be happy to adapt to those changing needs to ensure best value is delivered to you at all times.

Your satisfaction is my business.