Executive Coaching

Here is a brief overview of what I do

An ever-increasing number of professionals at an executive and senior level are discovering that they and their organisations can benefit greatly from the support of an executive coach.

An executive coach can help individuals with career development and organisations with executive and senior level performance enhancement and/or change management.

What I offer is a flexible service which is tailored entirely to your needs. This can be a fixed number of one-to-one sessions or an open arrangement of ongoing support. Either way the purpose of these sessions will be to support you in;

  • Exploring your goals, objectives and motivations
  • Fully understanding your current reality
  • Identifying what options are available to you
  • Managing priorities
  • Developing ways forward
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Managing your progression towards your goals
  • Managing organisational change

I will focus on practical actions and methods which can make a tangible difference to you and your business.

Ultimately all of this work is aimed at releasing your full potential and aiding your career and business progression.

There is a great deal of useful information about coaching on the Association for Coaching website.

My Values

Trust, Integrity, Quality and Professionalism are my watch words. I believe that an effective coaching relationship can help transform your career and your business.

I provide the best possible service to my clients by bringing a wealth of experience and cross-industry expertise to the table which can help to bring perspective.

Value for money is vital to demonstrate for all business expenditure and I can say, with confidence, that an investment in coaching can provide a very high return on investmnet as the benefits live with those individuals and organisations involved for many years after the coaching ends and are often shared with colleagues either directly or indirectly time and time again.

I understand the importance of confidentiality at an individual and at an organisational level and have adopted a Code of Ethics, consistent with industry best practice, to help ensure I maintain the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality.

However you wish to engage with me I will be happy to tailor my services to your needs. I take a flexible approach, so if your needs change over time I will be happy to adapt to those changing needs to ensure best value is delivered to you at all times.

Your satisfaction is my business.